Unimark is a consulting firm in Intellectual Property, whose purpose is to protect and guard intangible assets of small and medium businesses who care and develop your ideas of disloyal competition.
To provide adequate counseling, the firm has rights consulters in Intellectual Property and lawyers with relevant experience in the subject, gained over the years.
The main policy is to maintain a close relationship with the client, in order to continuously inform you about your affairs, also we conduct personal visits to address all aspects related to innovation processes that could be generated continuously, so that inventive ideas in production and needs identified in the market, would be documented, analyzed and applied as property of the company.
In order to provide a global service in areas related to Industrial Property, Unimark Consultores, S.C. has partnered with Professionals in Immigration Law and Foreign Trade, Corporate Image and Webpage Designers, Accountants and recently, translators of documents.
Unimark has also international partnerships with law firms specialized in Intellectual Property abroad, such as the European Economic Community, the United States of America, Canada, Central and South America.


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